Is there really a need to build orphanages?

Family tragedy, natural disasters, disease, war, and poverty leave behind millions of orphans worldwide. Most of these children are left to survive on their own. Sadly, many fall prey to disease, starvation, or cruel proprietors who use them as slaves in sweat shops, prostitution, or combat. There is a massive need for loving, caring, and nurturing homes.
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How will the orphanages built by Abundant Hope Ministries be run?  

Psalm 68:6 says that the Lord “sets the lonely in families.” Therefore, our aim is to set Abundant Hope orphanages up as families, not institutions.

Every orphanage will be overseen by a local pastoral couple who will provide each orphan with their family name. The family unit consists of not only a group of children, but also of abandoned widows.

In this new family, the children bring renewed purpose in life and vitality to the older women and the older women provide care, wisdom, and love to the children.

We believe that this model uniquely expresses the heart of God towards the fatherless and the widows.


How can you be sure that money given will go directly to the orphans?

Matthew and Darlene are committed to personally ensuring that monies given to Abundant Hope Ministries for the building of orphanages will be used only for this purpose.

We work with local pastors and ministers like Mohan and Rani Babu, who have become trusted friends over a period of many years and have consistently demonstrated personal and financial integrity, as well as a heart for the vision.

We intend to personally visit the orphanages on a regular basis and take teams to assist with building and other practical projects related to the orphanages.

We will also provide regular updates for those who partner with us financially in this endeavor.


Where will the orphanages be built?

 Our vision is to begin to build and support 200 orphanages in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. This vision extends to other states of India, various nations of Africa, Central and South America, as well as China.

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