Abundant Hope Ministries
is teaming up with other great men and women of God to launch Antioch International Church.

Antioch International Church 
will be one of several relevant 21st century churches that will be planted across the Charlotte, Fort Mill, and Rock Hill areas. Our desire is that these churches touch God's heart, and reach the lost in our local communities and across the world.
The Church We See The Church We See
is God-focused, people empowering, and world influencing is non-religious and incredibly fun to be in, where people can feel good about who and Whose they are.  It's a church of legendary character and integrity whose number one priority is to glorify God and show His wonderful life to the world.
The Church We See The Church We See
equips, empowers, and releases ordinary people to live astonishing lives, and fulfill their God-given dreams and vision influences people and exalts our great God through the life-changing declaration of the Word of God, powerful prayer, and sincere praise and worship to God.
The Church We See The Church We See
is thrilling and full of life, entirely dependant on the Holy Spirit. It is a church that can be both numerically big and spiritually deep, impacting locally and internationally. is a compassionate, deeply committed, loving, caring family amongst whom the lonely and the broken find refuge, support, abundant hope, and belonging.
The Church We See
is filled with individuals from all races, cultures, and generations responding to Christ's gift of salvation.  

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